The Erin Solomon Mysteries

The Erin Solomon Pentalogy

The USA Today-bestselling series critics hail as “thoroughly addictive.” Investigative reporter Erin Solomon is obsessed with the single event that changed the course of her life forever: the alleged cult suicide of the Payson Church of Tomorrow. Nearly twenty-five years later, Erin returns to Payson Isle to solve the mystery that has haunted her since childhood. Five complete novels featuring edge-of-your-seat suspense, epic romance, and a conspiracy that delves into the darkest chapters of American history, as well as the critically acclaimed prequel featuring Erin and colleague Daniel Diggins in an occult thriller you won’t want to put down.

Book 1: All the Blue-eyed Angels
Book 2: Sins of the Father
Book 3: Southern Cross
Book 4: Before the After
Book 5: The Book of J.
Complete 5-Book Set

Midnight Lullaby

The standalone prequel to the Erin Solomon Pentalogy, taking place over the summer of 2000.

When a Sudanese refugee is killed in a bizarre ritual murder in Portland, Maine, reporter Daniel “Diggs” Diggins attempts to revive his flagging career by investigating the crime. The story becomes personal when a young African girl Diggs has befriended is targeted by the killer, and Diggs himself falls victim to a curse that brings to terrifying light the ghosts of his own past. Working with young protege Erin Solomon, soon the duo finds themselves immersed in a world of dark secrets, crooked politicians, and black magic.

Midnight Lullaby