So… Remember those puppies I was shooting last week? Photos, people, just photos. Relax. Anyway… It turns out, those puppies needed a foster home for a couple of weeks. I applied to be a foster a couple of weeks ago, and had been asking about what they were doing with the pups, but I just kept being told they would be going into foster soon. Anyway, I went in to do a shift yesterday, and learned that a foster still hadn’t been found. When I told them that I had submitted an application and would happily take the pups, this time the folks at Coastal Humane leapt into action. Within twenty minutes, I had a crate full of puppies, a bag of food, bowls, blankets, and a package of puppy pads.

Just last week, I was mourning my sweet Killian, whom I lost back in May. There remains a hole that I don’t think will ever quite be filled, but these little ones certainly make things a little less lonely. I’m planning on keeping a log of their exploits, which you can follow on this page… These little girls will only be with us for a couple of weeks, but Ben and I would both like to do more fostering as needed. So, the page will be added to depending on who we’re working with. For now, though, we’ll start with our trio: Sage, Rosemary (Rosie), and Marjoram (Marji). You can also see plenty of pics and videos by following me on Instagram.

As for the writing… I’m finishing up the next Flint K-9 Search and Rescue book now, and plan to have that out at the end of October. Maya Picks a Puppy will also be out in October – it turns out I was slightly premature when I announced that release, as I ultimately wasn’t pleased with the quality of the paper available by Print on Demand printers. Instead, I’m working with a Maine company in order to ensure the highest quality for the children’s book. Clearly, October will be a big month!