The Four Horsemen Are at the Gate in Justice, Kentucky.

Reporters Daniel “Diggs” Diggins and Erin Solomon travel to Kentucky to look into the bizarre ritual murder of one of Diggs’ oldest friends. But that single death is hardly the only bizarre occurrence in Justice. Soon, power outages, explosions, standoffs, and conspiracy rock the small town, and Fundamentalist preacher Jesup T. Barnel claims he knows the reason for the madness: the end times are upon them, and judgment comes fast and furious as the clock winds down in this occult thriller.




In Southern Cross, the local radio station counts down the top twenty-four albums of all time as the clock winds down to what may well be The End of the World as We Know It. Diggs and Solomon debate their top picks in the growing chaos. Here’s Erin’s list… What’s yours?

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