A History of Murdered Teens, a Serial Killer With Nothing to Lose, and One Reporter Who'll Stop at Nothing to Find the Truth.

The brutal murder of a young girl more than forty years ago pulls investigative reporter Erin Solomon into a serpentine mystery revolving around her own father’s dark past. The trail leads Erin and fellow reporter Daniel “Diggs” Diggins to Black Falls, Maine, a town where young girls have gone missing with terrifying frequency for decades. Soon, it’s clear that the father Erin thought she knew has buried secrets she never could have imagined.

Before long, Erin’s relentless pursuit of the truth lands her and Diggs in the rugged wilderness along the Maine/Canada border, injured and running for their lives. With a deranged serial killer on their heels, FBI agent Jack Juarez battles the clock while Erin and Diggs fight for their lives in a diabolical game of cat and mouse among the rivers and caves of the Acadian forest.

The Wisdom of Solomon

“I don’t believe in coincidences in general,
but I especially don’t believe in them
where crazy branding preachers are concerned.”
– Erin Solomon, Southern Cross

The Wisdom of Solomon

“They say you can’t go home again.

In my case, it seems more apt

to ask why the hell you’d ever want to.”

– Erin Solomon, All the Blue-Eyed Angels

The Wisdom of Solomon

“Mainers are a pragmatic lot;
we’ll take competence over kindness any day.
If my mother practiced in Kentucky,
she’d probably be burned in effigy
within the week.”
– Erin Solomon, Southern Cross

The Wisdom of Solomon

“It’s basically impossible

to maintain any kind of good humor

during a death march.”

– Erin Solomon, Sins of the Father