All the Blue-Eyed Angels – Signed Copy


The “thoroughly addictive” first novel in the USA Today-bestselling Erin Solomon mysteries. Investigative journalist Erin Solomon looks into the single event that has haunted her since childhood: an alleged cult suicide that she witnessed at ten years old.





Bold, impulsive, and funny as hell, investigative reporter Erin Solomon is obsessed with the single event that changed the course of her life forever: the alleged cult suicide of the Payson Church of Tomorrow. She’s tried to move on, tried to forget the night the church she once called home, the congregation she thought of as family, burned to ashes. She moved away from her hometown of Littlehope, Maine, got married, tried to live a ‘normal’ life…and failed. Miserably.

Now, nearly twenty-five years after the fire Erin witnessed as a child, she’s given up pretending she can simply forget. Newly divorced, physically broken, she returns to Maine to at last learn the truth behind the mystery of the Payson Church of Tomorrow. But it isn’t long before the questions she so desperately wants answered lead her to truths about herself and her own history that she never imagined.